His Loving Kindness…

a cool breeze“..Be kind and compassionate to one another..” Eph 4:32

Words of love are so refreshing, aren’t they?  I “liken” them to a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day….When that gentle breeze blows, I find myself  breathing a deep sigh of relief, and for just a sweet moment, sigh… all is well :)

Just like that gentle breeze, kindness and compassion will calm a heated moment. When emotions are running high, and anger, control, or fear start to grip your thoughts,I am praying for you to let that gentle breeze of God’s loving kindness wash over your weary heart.  That in your  heated moment, you will be able to breathe in God’s gentleness…. as you sense His  presence drawing you to Himself, giving you a new perspective of His love, and freeing your heart to respond with tenderness and compassion.

 And just like that cool gentle breeze, on a hot summer’s day, when His loving kindness and compassion washes over us, it is most definitely unexpected, and most definitely sooo refreshing!

Praying you will be refreshed by His kindness and compassion.  He loves you, sweet friend, and is fighting for you.  


Live In Love :)


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