Think on Things that Are True. Right, And Praiseworthy…


5C6CB669-9C5C-4C28-A1B2-C4E07C031B69-223x300” ..Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right…think about such things.. and the God of peace will be with you..”

Phil 4 8-9

With so much constant input in our lives, this truth helps me so much!  When, suddenly, out of the blue, I am faced with a problem, or decision, this truth calms my spirit, and reminds me to think the best of people, first!

Father, thank you so much that you always think the best of us first. That your spirit bleeds into us the gentle desire to do the same with our brothers and sisters. When we are faced with distractions, may we see ourselves in You.  That  “..While we were yet sinners, You died for us..”  Thank you that you saw, and see the best in us no matter what other’s see.

Romans 5:8

You know our hearts, and the very reasons from our core that we sometimes fail… Love, hope, and acceptance is Your gift of love that bleeds into the very core of our souls.  Father, we are so humbled by your heart piercing love for each one of us, and pray that today, we would be reminded to let your great example of goodness be extended through us as we let your loving kindness be our guide.  And when we are faced with a bad situation that we cannot or should not change, may we be reminded that you are covering and drawing us to yourself, that You are our God of peace..

Thank you for your great compassion,

In Jesus name, Amen..

Thanking God for what is good,


Live in Love :)



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