Oh, Lord, Thank You for Watching Over Us….

shade tree 2

“The Lord watches over you, He is your shade at your right hand..”

Psalm 121:5

What a picture of strength and beauty a tree is, right…

Oh, Lord, thank you for watching over us.  Thank you that whatever we are going through today, the good, the bad or the ugly, that you are near, either encouraging us with a loving touch, or  providing our hearts relief with your goodness.   Just like the picture of this majestic tree, O Lord,  your shade eases our hearts. And beckons us to be at rest in the comfort of your presence.. When we draw near to you, you take our  burden and pressures, and exchange them with your peace and clarity.. Hallelujah for that!  Lord, help us to remember you are always near, give us the strength to whisper a prayer wherever we find ourselves  today…

I love You,

In Jesus’ name,



Live in Love :)


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