A Child’s laughter. A Sunrise. The Aroma of Flowers, and The Ocean Air..

You inspire shouts of Joy“Those who live from the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders.  From where the sun rises to where it sets you inspire shouts of joy..”

Psalm 65:8

Dear Heavenly Father, good morning, and thank You!  For Your beauty is everywhere… a little child’s laughter, the brilliance of another sunrise, the aroma of flowers, and the ocean air!  Your beauty truly does inspire shouts of joy…May our day be filled with awe and wonder of the sweet simple things that we hear and see.

Thank you, for Your goodness all around us.

As we come into your Heavenly presence today, we offer you our hearts, hands and words, how we pray for you to touch us with your beauty, and help us to be ambassadors of that same beauty to others you have already placed on our path…

Thank you for Your majesty, and love!

In Jesus Name,


Live in Love,


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