Harmony and Love..Like Peanut Butter and Jelly… So Good!

be kind

“Live in Harmony with one another, be sympathetic, be compassionate and humble..”

Oh, how sweet are these words!

Dear Heavenly Father, Thanks for these beautiful words of goodness.  Oh, Lord, you know better than we do the deep desires of our hearts.. To love others, be sympathetic, or even compassionate can sometimes not even come to mind when we are rushed, hurting, or just preoccupied by our day.  Thank you for reminding us what harmony looks like.. it’s a beautiful word full of love and kindness… Oh, Lord, search our hearts, cleanse our thoughts and fill our hearts desire with wanting to know you more, draw us into your presence…. remind us to pray for others, to be sympathetic before we judge, and to pray for compassion and humility, for we are all fighting our own battles for sure!  And Thank you for reminding us to be nice :)

We love you.. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thankful for His goodness,



Live in Love :)


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