Thanking You…

imagesCAMEB89Q“But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors Me..”

Psalm 50:23

I don’t think, until this very moment, I have ever thought that the words, “Thank You”  Could be construed as sacrifice, have you?  As I am sitting here thinking about it, talking with God, praying..anazlying, it dawns on me!  When I am feeling down, or upset , my normal reaction is to dwell about what is going on,  maybe talk about it, or replay what’s going on over and over in my head.  I’m pretty sure, the last thought on my mind is, “Thank you.”  For me to stop this natural process, would definitely be a sacrifice, because I would much rather stir, or complain.. even if it’s just inside thoughts..  Not proud of that, but it’s true :)   I think it makes me  feel like I’m accomplishing something… even if it’s just beating myself up, or trying to figure out what the heck just happened!

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you!  When we find ourselves upset, or feeling down, may we feel your kludge turning our thoughts away from the “landmine”. Help us to stop, and say,” Thank you.”  May our thoughts turn away from this dangerous slope of guilt, anger, or sadness!  and turn toward You…Please give us the desire to take a moment, get alone with you,  and say, thank you!   Thank you for this situation… it hurts, or I am super mad, but I know You can, and You will open my eyes to see the good that can come from what is going on. Dear God, you so know how hard it is for us to stop our thoughts and do this, so we Thank You for letting us know, that when we do,  it Honors You, and that is great motivation, for sure!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

When we stop our thoughts, and turn our eyes towards heaven,  that is a sacrifice..and that honors God, Wow!  As simple as that sounds, I can so struggle with my desire to stop my thinking, or sometimes dwelling!   eekkk!!!  Just and added FYI :)

And… thank you guys, for your support and encouragement of this blog… it can be so tough to put yourself out there, but it is such a blessing to share God’s love..

Love to you,


Live In Love :)


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