Your Love and Beauty Surrounds Us…


Holding Daisies“..Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God..”

Matthew 5:9

It’s so very easy to get discouraged, isn’t it? We can wake up in a good mood, say a prayer of thanks, walk out the door with a smile on our face, the birds are singing… it’s a beautiful day!

Then, Bam!

We are blindsided by an argument, or misunderstanding…

At that moment there isn’t a lot of time for thought, but I’d like to encourage us that we do have a choice…

We can choose to be peacemakers.  We can  lay down our rights,  say a prayer of God’s goodness, and willingly choose peace. We can take a step back, and remind ourselves to see the best in that person, or situation.

On the other hand, We can so easily just react, argue, manipulate, and hash our every thought until the point of exhaustion! …  eekkk… just saying that brings up feelings of frustration!   Ha Ha Ha

Have you been there?

Heavenly Father, You tell us that blessed are the peacemakers!  I love that :)  When I think of being blessed, I think of your gentleness and peace flowing in and around my life… Your truths calm my spirit and bring light to my heart!  How I pray for us today that Your peace will open our hearts, and surround our thoughts. Please draw us into your presence, Heavenly Father, help us to be aware of Your love surrounding our life, and if we find ourselves in a situation where we have to choose to either argue, fight or calmly choose peace, would you gently  touch us with your love, and help us to choose peace.

We love You, 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Praying God’s goodness over our lives,


Live in Love :)

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