Reaching out..In His Eyes (Day2)

he has made everything beautiful in its timeGood Morning!

Reaching Out…

I know full well that that can be the hardest part…

 I’m so excited to be sharing this story with you :)

Before we pick up today’s journey… I would love to pray with you.

Dear Heavenly Father,  How I need you to draw me into your presence… cleanse me from the inside out…” Search me Oh God, and know my heart test me and know my thoughts.. point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.”

Psalm 139: 23-24

 Thank you again for showing me what a woman after your own heart looks like.  Please open my eyes, and heart to the places in my life that aren’t filled with You, Your grace, Your hope and Your peace.

In Jesus Name,


Come with me, sweet friend; let’s walk in this woman’s steps!

Mark 5;28

If I can only just touch His clothes…

Pushing her way through the crowds of people, she sees Him.

She is focused.. her eyes watching His every move…She is crawling through the thick crowd, dirty, tired… she knows she shouldn’t even be there.. she is being pushed and shoved.. She sees her chance.. She is so desperate, exhausted.  Stretching out her arm, she opens her hand….  holding her breath, she is so desperately hoping to feel His robe.. His anything…

 she reeeaches for him….

And in a Nano Second….

Bam!  It happened!!

 She touched him. Her bleeding immediately

stopped. There she stood….Alone, amazed, and still…

 quietly processing what just happened.

Jesus, walking rather quickly,

His robe flowing behind him, moving freely with each step,

out of nowhere, He stops! His disciples walked another few

steps before realizing Jesus stopped, they turn around to see what He

was doing… it’s dusty, noisy, and crowded. They are thinking, “What

is He doing? We need to get him out of here!” At that moment, in the midst of all the noise, and commotion…

Jesus asks,

“Who touched me?

His eyes searching the crowd. The woman, trying to disappear,

knows exactly why He stopped! Her heart must have skipped a

beat. So many voices, so many people, yet she can clearly hear Jesus and His friends  talking amongst themselves, her heart pounding…. She hears one of them say;

“Jesus, you see the crowd of people crowding

against you, and yet you ask who touched me?”

She sees Jesus visually looking into the crowd. She sees His

eyes roaming, He is looking for the person who touched Him…..His

eyes piercing, looking. She realizes He is not going to just walk

away; He wants to SEE who touched Him!

She looks down, thoughts racing… so much fear,

Is he going to embarrass me?

She thinks to herself, or judges me, or worse, is He mad that I

touched Him without asking Him…..will He take back the healing she

knows just took place?

She has been rejected so many times, nothing good has come

her way for so long…’s taking her money, and leaving her empty

handed, heartbroken and alienated…. Despair, loneliness, and

rejection was all too familiar.  So with a deep breath and sigh, she

looks up to see His eyes looking right at hers, piercing her soul… There

was no other choice, she knew she had to come forward. He was


Food for Thought:

  Can you picture a time when you may have felt this desperate?

What feelings are stirring in you as you read these words… fear? entitlement? worthy? unworthiness? judgment?

As you picture yourself being the one just standing there… alone… being called out.. How does that feel? What emotions does that stir in your heart, mind…? What does that look like to you?

If you can take the time to write your thoughts down, process and reread the whole story again, that would be great and we will pick it up from here tomorrow :)

Dear, Heavenly Father,

How I pray for You to Create in me a pure heart.. that I might know You more..

Psalm 51:11

Love to you,


Live in Love :)

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