Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit…


“Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven..”

Matt 5:3

How I love the Beatitudes…

They are so pure…. full of love, gentleness… and  God’s hope.

Dear, Heavenly Father, with so much pressure to BE…I am so thankful You come along side of us and tell us it’s okay to just be ourselves… to be real,  humble, loving, kind not worried about being someone or something we are not,  but instead to let down the walls of pride and strife .. Your love is raw, full of hope and transcends all understanding…

Phil 4:7

You tell us that blessed are the poor in Spirit… to be humble, loving, generous and kind… That is the cry of our hearts….because that is where we find You…

How we praise your simplicity and love..

How we are praying these words over our lives…

In Jesus, Name


God Bless you,

Sweet Friend,


Ps.. Live in Love :)



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