“Who Touched Me..?” In His Eyes.. (Day 3)

he has made everything beautiful in its timeGood Morning!

“Who touched me..?”

Dear Heavenly Father..

Good Morning. As we come before you this new day, I am praying for your love and gentleness to ease my burdened heart.. Help me to surrender my thoughts and heartbreak in exchange for what is pure and lovely Phil 4:8, and that is You. Your thoughts towards me are pure, full of love, and compassion, and so so lovely because I know You see the beauty in me that I just can’t… Cleanse me, Jesus,  and fill me with more of You and less of me…

Trusting in You with all of my heart,


He was waiting…. 

As we pick up from day 2, we were picturing this woman, so completely vulnerable. She is in the middle of this huge crowd. Alone. Trembling with fear.  Silence so must have engulfed her mind and heart.  There she was, laying  there, trying to process…. and desperately accept what had just happened…

The bleeding.  Had.  Stopped!


As if being abruptly woken up from a beautiful dream, she hears a voice.. someone saying;

“Who touched Me?”

Oh, I hope you were able to take a few minutes and process how this makes you feel?

I know I did, and I was super scared!  I don’t think I could remember a time when confrontation was ever a good thing!

So, as I sat there.. fear and trembling consumed my heart and mind… I was so sorry for her because I just knew how much she needed Him… but He didn’t know her…

My heart was broken for her as feelings of my own sin, failure, and ugliness started to consume my heart..

You see I have sinned, betrayed close friends, been betrayed by close friends,  been hurt deeply by family, and have hurt my family deeply… there had been times when I have been overwhelmed and consumed by worry, times when I let my past haunt me, and times when I could not imagine why God would truly love me.

At lease not the real me…

What was she going to do?  He was waiting… she knew He was looking for her…

What was she going to do?

I was paralyzed!

“Who Touched Me?”

There she was.  Big girl style…..stepping out of the crowd;

 “She fell at his feet.. trembling with fear”


I know for me, that that was the first time I had ever just pictured myself coming clean..

Here I am, Lord, all of me…


All of me, my heart, my sin, my ugliness..

All of me..

As I sat there crying, feeling every single sting of past regrets, hurts.. failures the walls started falling, I couldn’t believe I was starting to feel safe!

 Complete surrender.. A white flag being held high!

No more hiding, no more searching… there she was, there I was.  Completely vulnerable..


  What is Jesus going to do?  This is where the turf meets the surf so to speak…

In our pain, it seems that we always have a choice.  Do we enter His Courts or do we run like the wind?

Scary, right!

”She came and fell at His feet, trembling with fear,

     and told Him the whole truth.”

  When you look

at your experiences, things that have caused you so much pain, fear

or rejection can you say that you have literally or spiritually


at God’s feet…and told Him the whole truth?

  Sin cuts us like a knife, penetrating our hearts like a gun shot straight into our very souls.. right at the heart of who we are.. wish we were, or thought we were.

Question of the day;

Is there something  you are holding on to, something that nags at you, something that you wont even let yourself think about because it hurts too much?   Maybe a secret, or burden you have been carrying for such a long time.  Maybe, like this woman, you have gone to anyone and everyone for help. You have emotionally spent all that you have trying to escape, maybe you have turned to guys, drinking… anything. You are tired. The fear of rejection, or feeling of failure hurts so much that maybe it’s just way easier to fill your heart with anyone or anything. Does your heart feel so hardened and weary that your lifestyle just feels natural?

Oh Sweet Friend, it’s so time to get rid of it!

God is longing for you to trust Him, to come before him, and tell Him the whole truth…

Are you ready?

Today, as we close in prayer, it is my prayer that you would, like this woman, reach out to Jesus. To seek Him in the mist of all the commotion in your life… and then stand before Him even it it’s with fear and trembling….

“For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and  I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and I will bring you back from captivity..”

Jeremiah 29:11-14

You don’t have to be stuck anymore!

Dear Jesus, I am praying for my sweet sister.  I know how terrifying this feeling is.. to give up complete control of who we are.. to stop the running.  To stop filling our lives with people, things and stuff, and just come before You, empty-handed, broken and afraid.  Thank you so much for never letting us go, always drawing us to You, and always wanting our lives to be free of the past.. free of  strife and free to live our lives wholly and beautifully in your presence..

I love you and need you…

In Jesus’ Name


Live in Love :)

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