What Does Faith Look Like to You? In His Eyes.. (Day 7)

he has made everything beautiful in its timeHello, Dear Friend!

 “What does faith look like?”

So this is the last day of this Sweet woman’s story…

Have you ever asked.. ” What faith looks like?”

I know I have.

In my mind I would just imagine faith as believing.. pure and simple..

 But because of God’s gracious love, He has given us story after story.  Some we can relate to, other’s we just stand in awe!  While God’s word does tell us in Hebrews that;

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see”

Hebrews 11:1

God also gives us these most amazing stories of what other’s faith looks like to give us hope.. and encourage our hearts to seek God in the midst of our life’s trials, confusions and fears.   Let’s  connect the dots of this sweet women’s  journey, and see how she got from just being someone in the crowd,  to being smack  in Jesus sight.. then Hearing the most amazing wonderful words ever….

 “Daughter, your faith has healed you, go in peace, and be freed from

 your suffering.”

Mark 5:34

What does faith look like?

Dear, Heavenly Father, good morning and thank you for another new day!  How amazing  it is to know that you had us  in mind when you orchestrated the Bible’s contents..

We are that loved by You.

As we approach Your throne, maybe even with fear and trembling, we are surrendering our  hearts…

Oh, Lord, will you please speak to my heart what faith looks like in my life…In my circumstance.

I love You, Jesus,


Let’s look at the facts….

She had a need.  She spent all that she could to get help. She was exhausted.  She heard about Jesus. She decided to seek after Him. She believed He would help her.  She made a conscious effort to find Him, and then to reach out to Him.

Do you have a need?  Have you spent all that you are able?  Are you exhausted?  Have you heard about Jesus?  Do you believe He will help you?  Have you made a conscious effort to seek Him, and have you, or are you, reaching out to Him?

Well, if you are taking the time to read this, then my guess is that you can answer, “yes” to each one of these questions…:)

So… what does faith look like to you?

Let’s together, as we are sitting here, write out our need.  Does it match what you may have written down on Day 2, or has it changed to something you didn’t even know you needed?

For me I didn’t know why I felt so sad. That’s where my need began.  When I pictured myself standing there; as Jesus was calling out, “Who touched me” I realized I needed Him.  And just like this sweet woman, I started to realize that I needed to tell Him my whole story. While I had accepted Him as my Savior, and believed in doing so, I was forgiven of my sin.   I needed to let his forgiveness, personally, heal my heart.   That’s what a personal relationship is, right?  It’s personal. It’s between me and God.

And It’s between you and God…

  After receiving Jesus as my Savior.   I had excitedly gotten to know Him, gave Him my heart, and dove in to wanting to please Him, I told Him all of the things I wanted to do for Him.. all of the people I wanted to love, and He listened, and filled me with such joy, but what I didn’t know was that He wanted to know all about me, too…

That the joy he filled me with, was the same joy I would give Him…

He wanted to know my story through my words.. Just as I was learning about Him through His word!   To all of a sudden realize that God wants to hear the things that pained my heart, that He accepted me, and to know from the bottom of my heart, He knew all of me, was freedom!


  As I pictured myself  looking into my Saviors eyes I could completely know that I gave Him all of me… and the details, As we sat together, I can remember feeling His presence alongside of me, holding me, hurting with me…

An unimaginable feeling was coming over me… I felt beautiful;

 In His Eyes..

And, you, dear friend, are Beautiful In His Eyes…

Faith was trusting Him with my heart.  Faith was trusting that He deeply cared about me.  Faith was trusting that He wanted to be by my side. Faith was believing Him when He said, “Daughter” that I was, and am, just that;  His daughter.

…..And at the right time, I knew, without a shadow of a doubt;  I was passionately forgiven, passionately loved, and passionately more in love with my Savior, and I too heard Him say;

 “Daughter, your faith has healed you, go in peace, and be freed from

 your suffering.”

This was the answer to my suffering.  Freedom!  Living a life beautiful in HIs eyes…

Living a Life of Peace


Walking with my Savior, trusting Him. Asking for forgiveness when I mess up, and being refreshed in His love. Letting Him in every aspect of my life.. Seeking to be in His presence one day at a time. Loving God; Loving other’s as myself…

Matthew 22: 37-39

What does faith look like to you?

Dear Sweet, Heavenly Father, You are everything to me.  Thank You for opening your word to us and making it come alive.  I am over joyed to accept that I am your daughter, that You will continue to keep the pieces of my heart in your hands is such a gift.  To be able to walk in Your peace, knowing that whatever I face you will be with me, and You will free me from my suffering is a treasure that I will hold ever so closely as I live one day at a time loving you, and loving others!

I love you, Dear Friend,

In Jesus, Name,


Live in Love :)

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