He has the Key to your Heart…


“He will listen to the prayers of the


He will not reject their pleas..”

Psalm 102: 17

He will listen….

Have you ever felt like someone you love is just not listening?

God Listens.

Dear Heavenly Father, As I come before You ,I just want to say, “Thank You.”  Thank you so much for listening. … will you please calm my spirit, and fill me with your peace as I dwell on this truth instead of my worries and fears.  That You listen is enough for today.. As I come before Your Throne of Grace and pour out my heart, how I praise You for your loving kindness and hope.  I know You will not reject my pleas.  I know You are filling me with Your beauty and hope in exchange for my worry and fear… and that is a beautiful thing!

That you are listening changes me… praise Your Holy Name

In Jesus’ Name,


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