Your Beautiful Self… #thebestmeicanbe

just be your beautiful selfSeek God’s heart…

He adores you.

Let His words inspire goodness…

He cares deeply for you.

Don’t look for ways to beat yourself down…

He has come to lift you up.

Let Him whisper words of love , grace and strength to your weary heart…

“The thief comes only  to kill, steal and destroy;  I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

Why You chose me will forever humble me…

Oh Dear Heavenly Father….

Words of thanksgiving and praise don’t seem to cover the depths of gratitude I feel for the love You so freely pour into my heart.

You have come to give me a life full of love… hope… and  great  mercy…

Thank You for setting my heart free from condemnation and fear…

Today I will bask in that awesome goodness!

I love You, Heavenly Father,

In Jesus Name, I pray..



4 thoughts on “Your Beautiful Self… #thebestmeicanbe

  1. Hi Lisa, great post as always. Some of us are so quick to beat ourselves up. It is good to be reminded of what Gods word says about us and focus on that. Oh how much He loves us, no matter how much we feel we might have failed or messed up. Thanks again for sharing your heart. Love you, Bonnie

    • I love you, Bonne Taylor! I am one of those… beating myself up is like my first go to :/ living in the light.. shining of His truth. That is the Father’s heart :) Thank You for your encouragement and love… It is a blessing beyond to my heart!

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