The Best I’ve Got… #love

infallibleWhen life just seems confusing…

You feel like you get 2 steps forward… then 5 steps backward..

It is best to stay focused on God’s complete and utter love for YOU..

“Who can compare with the Lord our God, who is enthroned on high?

Far below Him are the heavens and the earth.

He stoops to look, and He lifts the poor from the dirt, and the needy from the garbage dump.

He sets them among princes even the princes of His own people!

He gives the barren women a hope, so that she becomes a happy mother

Praise the Lord!”

Psalm 113:5-9

The image of our Heavenly Father stooping in the dirt; and picking me up.. holding me tightly in his arms… soooo stirs a depth of hope words can not describe…

Can you picture this too?

You are covered by the love of the Father…

He is holding you near…

He hasn’t turned a blind eye to all that you are going through…

Stay close to His gentle touch…

Listen to His whispers of hope.

Live in today..

Turn the music up loud… and sing His praises!

Lord, I trust You… I can’t see beyond today, so I will  give today the best I’ve got :)

Keep moving forward.

Live in Love,


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