It’s Going To Be Okay… #Arise

everything is figureoutable

Held closely by Your promises of love, You draw me near and release my fear…

“I have seen You in Your sanctuary and gazed upon Your power and glory

Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself.

How I praise You.  

I will honor You as long as I live.  Lifting up my hands in prayer.

You satisfy me more than the riches of foods.

I will praise You with songs of joy.

Psalm 63:2-5

Oh Lord,

The beauty of Your glory shines so bright…

Your goodness humbles me and covers me with light.

When I call Your Name You settle my heart.


I will praise You with songs of joy and cries of gladness…

Your love is better than life itself…

Living in the shelter of Your wings, fills my heart with hope and my life with courage…

“I think about how much You have helped me;

I sing for joy in the shadow of your protecting wings.

I follow closely behind You.

Your strong right hand holds me securely…”

Psalm 63:6-8

You have my life and my days securely in Your hands…

What an amazing God…

What an amazing life.

Keep moving forward, Dear Friend…

There is so much more God wants to do in and through you…

In Jesus Name,

I pray,

Live in Love,


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