Like A Freak Load… #Lovechangesthings

like a freak load

“Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond

the clouds.”

Psalm 36:5

His love reaches to the heavens…

His faithfulness to the skies…

He longs to talk tenderly to your heart…

“But then I will win her back once again.

 I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.

I will return her vineyards to her and transform the Valley of Trouble into a gateway of hope.

She will give herself to me there, as she did long ago when she was young,

When I freed her from her captivity of Egypt.”

Hosea 2:15

In the quietness of your journey,  He is leading you into His gateway of hope…

Don’t be afraid to be still, He is transforming Your Valley of Trouble, He is speaking

tenderly to your heart that you will surrender your fear…

He has spoken freedom and hope over Your life.

He has freed you from captivity and made you His own…

Let His love be your guide, and His tenderness over you, your lifeline.

When you surrender to His love, life begins.


That you long to speak tenderly to me is life giving…

That Yours is the voice of goodness and peace, forever fills my soul with hope and grace…

“There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.

The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

1John 4:18

You are LOVE..

You are my love…


I am made perfect in your love.

May YOUR light shine bright… casting out all shadows of fear, because perfect love drives

out fear!

Hallelujah to our God and our King.

In Jesus Name,


Live in Love,


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