You Are making A Difference Right Where You Are… #Arise


be-the-reason” For I the Lord, your God, have rescued you from the land of Egypt.

Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.”

Psalm 81: 10

He rescued You.

He sought you out… He called you by name…

He saw your tired and bleeding heart, and He chose you.

Let Him fill your mind… your spirit… and your day with good and sweet things…

Let Him hold your hand, that you may slow down, and enjoy every little act of kindness He gently blows your way…

He is all the good you see… all the good you feel.

Let that be enough to fill your senses and calm your mind.

Love your people….

Love your world.

Make a difference right where you are….

Dear Lord,

How beautiful…. How calming it is to know that you fill me with every good thing…

This morning, I chose to open my heart wide and let your love in…

Thank You for never…  EVER…. holding  back your loving kindness…

Your love is fuel for my soul, and I am humbled to be seen … to be known by YOU….

May my heart be at peace knowing you wont forget me… leave me, or walk away from me…

May by mind be filled with hope, and strengthen with courage….

You are my rock… and I am forever holding on!

I love You…

Help me to make a difference in someones day day :)

Thank You, Jesus…

In Your name name,

I pray,


Live in Love,



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