Your Sweet Song of Protection…You are our Strength and Shield.

singing in the car 2

Are you struggling with something bigger than yourself?

You know that feeling when you are driving along, kinda distracted, and  in the distance you begin to hear a song? Your heart smiles, you turn the radio up, and all of a sudden you are transformed from where you are to a hidden joy, memory or thought….

Ahhh… that’s the best!

“The Lord is my strength and my shield: My heart trusts in Him, and I am heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song..”

Psalm 28:7

Dear Heavenly Father, We so so want to do what’s right before you, and in your eyes… Thank You that YOU are our strength.  How wonderful it is that you love when we draw close to you!   Your word teaches us that you are our Rock, our  “Oxygen Mask”  That we can first breathe in Your love and hope for our lives and situations.. Thank you that we don’t have to please you by striving or pretending.. life is hard and You are our shield. We can come to you, just as we are, and know that you already have the best planed for us… Dear Lord,  as we trust you for your protection, and make decisions that are tough, how I pray our hearts will  tune in to that perfect song of hope that sends freedom, comfort and joy flowing through our veins.. That we will be strengthened to trust in You, and You alone. We give you thanks for the sweet song of  freedom you bring into our hearts when we let go, and trust you for your protection in our every decision… How we praise you for that beautiful truth!

In Jesus’ Name,


Thanking God for His constant love for us,


Live in Love :)


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