The Sweetest Fragrance is….


What a beautiful fragrance Love can be….

Love changes things…. it can fill a broken and weary heart with tenderness, warmth, and hope…It can fill a room with the sweetest aroma of beauty and goodness.

If you will imagine with me that God truly loves you.  He knows your name, and He loves you just the way you are, right in this very moment… in our messes, and struggles, even in  the ugly places of our  hearts and lives we wouldn’t want anyone to know about…because God always protects, always hopes, And always sees the good in our hearts…He wants the best for us.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

He does not judge….He knows the reasons we are struggling…the reasons from the most inner places of our soul that have caused us so much hurt and pain.  He knows the very reason we have become hardened, maybe bitter, even lonely… He sees the walls we have built all around our lives to protect ourselves in a world full of so much sadness, pain, regret, and betrayal. And He wants to set our hearts free!

Hebrews 4:14-16

He is on your side, Sweet Friend….

And this is the purpose of The Sweetest Fragrance…To let the love of God permeate our hearts, cleanse our thoughts, and Heal our lives from the inside out. It is God’s desire for us to know Him, trust Him, abide in Him and leave the rest of our responsibilities and burdens at His feet..

Wouldn’t it be awesome to leave this world a little more beautiful because we choose to live a life of Love?

It would be an honor, if you would join me, as we breathe in God’s sweet aroma, and daily be encouraged to live a life of love, hope and goodness.

Aspiring to live a life of love, beautiful In His eyes,

One day at a time,



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