Fearing the Floodwaters…? #foreverfaithful

fearing the flood watersFearing the floodwaters?

My heart aches with yours…

 Fearing that the dam is going to break at any moment.  Your heart is so super  heavy .. You just don’t have the strength to hold back the flood you fear is imminent…

Living under pressure and worry..

So life draining.

The Solution…

“The Lord rules over the floodwaters.  The Lord reigns as King forever.

The Lord gives strength to His people.

The Lord blesses them with peace…”

Psalm 29:10

Oh, Dear Lord, How I need your peace, and Your strength… Thank You for Your  sweet promises of hope.

I chose to come before you this very day, laying down my worry in exchange for Your goodness and grace..

Please, Father, fill me with Your hope, peace, and strength.  Quiet my heart and my thoughts, Oh Lord.  For You have been so good to me…

I raise my hands in honor of who You are.

My God and My king..

“Give honor to the Lord for the glory of His name.  Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.”

Psalm 29:2

I am safe in Your arms, and protected from the floodwaters.  You are my great defender and lover of my soul…

Give me the courage to speak what is true.

May you walk before me, guiding my steps, and softening hearts…

May my day be filled with hope, and may other’s see the light of who You are through my eyes…

In Jesus Name,


Live in Love,


I rest in You…

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