Limitless undying love that shines on and on… #Hopeoerflowing


Great is His Name…

Awesome is his power…

There is no fear when you turn to Him in worship and praise…

” I will sing of the tender mercies of the Lord forever!…..

Oh Lord, God Almighty!  Where is there anyone as mighty as you, Lord?  

Faithfulness is your very character.  You are the one who rules the oceans.

When their waves rise in fearful stoms, you subdue them.  You are the one who crushed the great sea monster.  You scattered your enemies with your mighty arm.  The heavens are yours and the earth is yours; everything in the world is yours.  You created it all….

Powerful is your arm! Strong is your hand!  Your right hand is lifted high in glorious strength.”

 Psalm 89:1 and 8-13

Yes!  Sing of His tender mercies.   Emerge your heart in the aroma of His presence.

Let Him subdue the storms that rise.  Let Him scatter your enemies with his mighty arm.

This God of ours is mighty to save…

He is our great hope.

His presence is our answer to every need…

Let it be that simple.

Be quiet in His arms.  Let Him touch all the broken pieces… one by one.

Breathe Him all in…

Then, Dear soul, shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun…

His presence is our very need :)

Live in Love,




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