People Matter…

people matterI was so reminded this morning, just how much kindness matters..

People matter.

My husband and I had an appointment this morning to get blood drawn.  But it turned out to be much more different than we thought.. I just got finished writing them a letter…

Here is my letter…

“Hi!  Good Morning.

My Name is Lisa…. @ approximately 6:30 this am we checked in today, Thursday, 9/26/13. My husband needed to have blood work drawn, so we choose this office. It’s  scary when you are worried about your health.

The two women working behind the counter were busy, and in an intimate conversation about their families and relatives and something about their bad relationships… There wasn’t a “Good Morning”  “Hi” nothing like that… just a very stern “Sign in”.

The girls didn’t even look up..   In my heart, I was thinking… this just feels bad.

It just kept getting worse as people were coming in the door.  “Sign here”.  “Give me your urine sample” .. ect.. Never a please or thank you or even a smile.

When she yelled for my husband, and told her to give her his paperwork, I walked over to the girl, behind the counter,  and gently mentioned to her that kindness matters… people matter, and we had a small conversation where other patients were nodding in agreement…I told her that please, and thank you go along way.  People matter.

An older gentleman, Alex, was hard of hearing so instead of maybe walking over to him, she just yelled louder at him.. embarrassed him.  It was sad.  He’s an older gentleman couldn’t he have been treated with respect.. My heart hurt for him.

Maybe she could have gone over to him and talked with him instead of yell from behind the counter… It’s an awful feeling sitting there waiting your turn, hoping they will not embarrass you too..

Please understand I am not trying to be mean, nor am I speaking from an angry heart.  Just a heart that says… kindness matters.  People matter.  And please and thank you go a super long way.

Life is hard.  Your lab could make it easier for people if people felt like they mattered…

Kindness changes things..

Thanks for listening..


Dear Heavenly Father, I love You.

As I come before You this morning, I want to pray for the two girls working behind the counter.. How I pray their hearts would be softened, and they would be encouraged that it’s okay to be nice.  To care about others… Whatever their struggles I pray for peace… and if they don’t know You love them, and have a plan for them, how I pray they would come to know You..

 I know that they were upset at me for calling them was hard for me too… I pray they saw love in my eyes, and goodness in my voice… My heart was just so heavy for the elderly patients  that were going to be “yelled” at next..

And, Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive me for the times I too have treated others with the same disrespect.

Love changes things…

May your hope be poured into our lives. .May we all be reminded that life is hard, and if we can ease someone else’s day with just a smile, or a please and thank you, we would generously do so..

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for this morning…

Thank you for the opportunity to love others, and shine of Your goodness.

I pray hearts would be changed..

I love You,

In Jesus Holy and Precious Name,


“Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words would be an encouragement to those who hear them..”

Ephesians 4:29b

Thank you God for your great forgiveness..

Live in Love,


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